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Soft &High

Stretch Fabric

Fiber is part of a healthy fashion diet.
Polyester resists pilling more than nylon,
and outdoes nylon in moisture wicking and quick-drying.
Since polyester doesn't retain water, it is colorfast
and does not fade over time like nylon.
A sweat-wicking, four-way stretch fabric
that's cool to the touch and fits like a second skin.
What we ended up with is:
79% recycled micro polyester
21% spandex
260 gsm

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Butt Tech.

great leggings.

Using 20% spandex gives the perfect amount of
compression for being active, and for everyday wear.
The amount of compression in our leggings helps your
muscles perform in your high impact activities,
but it's not so compressive that they become
uncomfortable when you're lounging.

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Water bottles make

great leggings.

Water bottles make great leggings.
They say it isn't easy being green. We disagree.
Every pair of leggings is made from 25 recycled water bottles,
just like the green born from bottles,
which is not only great for the Earth, but feels great too.
We ensure high environmental safety and performance in five areas:
consumer safety (everything in our leggings is super safe),
resource productivity, water emissions, air emissions, and workplace health and safety.

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